pexels-photo-326278.jpegI wanted to share with you some of the tips that I have learned myself in past couple of years and from my mother.

We all want to start eating healthy, be healthy and look healthy. At times we do not know how to start, do we cut everything we eat and start eating fully healthy? But, healthy food costs too much, how is this possible?

I have got a simple and short answer for you, start introducing healthy eating slowly. Yep, you have heard it right, slowly, baby steps.

One thing I remember that my mother got me used to is, drinking one glass of milk before I start brushing my teeth and going to bed. I drank that one glass of milk before bedtime for as long as I remember. This was for a health purpose later on the years, as I had white marks on my nails and drinking milk helped me as they have reduced significantly as I only have three to twenty marks, currently at the moment there are eleven marks on five fingers. Where as before my nails will be covered with white marks.

Then later on, I have introduced this habit with water. Every night I drink one glass of water before I go to bed. Then I introduced it in the morning as well, so when I wake up, after brushing the teeth and before I eat or drink such juice or tea, I make sure I drink a one glass of water before. Remember, at night our organs work and same as in the morning. So the best thing to provide your body is water than anything else and plus it is good for your skin.

Growing up in my mothers house meant there will be a lot of fruit and vegetables. Whatever the food she cooked and served us, she would always cut at least cucumber and tomatoes into slices and put them on plate and serve them. Believe it or not, we would eat them as it was quite nice texture especially when you dry food such as rice or potatoes. However, she would still serve it with soup and with many other dishes. This meant at least we had some kind of vegetables and she did not had to force us eating as it came with all the food.

We always ate our dinner around 6.30 or 7 pm and no later than that. So this meant my mother would put a large of bowl of fruit on the table and in the living room. Believe it or not, we would have finished both bowls at the end of the night, literally would demolish fruit every single night. What does this mean? This meant, we had our fruit and we would not eat any junk food after 7 pm. Remember, fruit is good and most of them are like water. So you not taking in anything bad which may result adding fat to your body.

Later on in life, when my life ended up upside down, my health went with it and so did my diet. I had depression and anxiety so badly that it is still with me to this day but not as much as it used to be. However, due to this my eating habits went downhill as well, to that extent I will not control what I ate as long as I was satisfied to the fullest so at times I would feel sick and yet will not feel full. I became a binge eater.

It took me years to force myself to control it, as I looked and reminded myself how I used to be and what did I became. I took a baby step yet again by reducing slightly by each day. My biggest food item that I cannot live without and binge eat is a bread. I used to eat 10 slices of bread with one meal, so there are 3 meals a day and I would eat 30 slices. Just re-reading this, makes me feel sad that I used to eat a whole loaf just in one day and if not more. However, I reduced it very slowly, if I had 10 slices, I would have only 6 to 7 slices per meal for one week. Then again will reduce it by one slice and I did this until I got down to 2 slices per meal. It took me months to do this but I have managed to keep it to 2 slices per meal.

When I have noticed that managed to reduce the bread, I started slowly reducing the amount of food I have per meal. I started using slightly smaller than normal size of plate and slowly reduced the size of plate as well. Now days, I prefer to eat all of the food in a bowl than on a plate. It gives illusion as if you are having a lot as you think it is deep but actually it is not that deep and are having much more less than on a large flat plate. Remember on large flat plate, we fill full the plate and start building up as well.

With the food, I try to remind myself what my mother used to tell us and will do, and how we used to eat when we were living with her. This made me change slowly as well.

There is no one way to start eating healthy, if there was none of us will suffer and neither we will be sharing or seeking advice. You only need to take a small step, you know your body well. What ever you decide make sure your body does not suffer and first seek advice from your doctors. If you are unsure or afraid then ask your doctor on how you should start eating healthier and if they can guide you by baby steps. 

In this post, I am only sharing my journey, I advice you to seek a professional help from your doctors.