In today’s post I will be sharing how I decluttered my own email account and how useful has it been since then.

We all receive different kinds of emails whether it will be personal, bank related, bills related, shopping, competitions or general subscriptions. At times having all together in one email can be overwhelming, I know it was for me.

As you can see below I have overall 501 emails and when I am waiting for certain type of email, I have to keep check or keep up with deleting emails. At times it takes quite a bit of time keeping up with the emails.

LouisaRoseLife - Declutter Tips - Emails

You can resolve this solution by taking either one of the two following steps.

Step one: Keeping one email

If you want just to keep one email then you will have to put a time aside where you can clear your email out for good. First thing first, unsubscribe from all the companies and brands that you do not keep up with. Then delete all the emails from all the subscriptions, trust me these will be the most on your email. Once you have done this, quick glance through all the emails and see what have you got left in your inbox.

Make folders for all the different and important emails that you have got such as folders for bank, bills, CV’s, Jobs applied etc. Make the folders that are relevant to your personal or work related life, at times we use personal email for work as well. This way, you can sort your email when new emails come through, respond to the emails that you may need to, once responded to the email then move to the relevant folder. This way you know the ones in inbox that are left that you need to respond to.

Remember, to clear your ‘Other’ inbox and ‘Junk’ inbox as well. Personally, I hate these two inboxes as it takes extra time to go through these.

The other tip is just check your emails twice or three times a week, just put a reminder in your calendar and sort your inbox out.

Step two: Have two accounts

If you feel having one account and is difficult to keep up with the inbox then I suggest have two different email accounts. For example, you can create two emails which ending different, one with ‘’ and one with ‘’. You can use one for personal emails such as banks, bills, jobs etc. and the other for social, subscriptions etc.

Having two accounts does not make it easier but you will be able to find emails easier. However, have same principle for both email accounts as in Step One, this way it will help you to find emails in future if they are categorised separately in folders.

Personally, I have one account for my personal life but I have got two separate accounts which one I use for blog etc. and one for social media only, where readers etc. can contact me. This way, I can control my accounts and do not mix them up.

Hope this helps.