There are many talented and funny youtubers out there. At times, the youtubers that you have started from beginning tend to disappear or lose their content completely, meaningfully they create videos as they used to.

I like to watch a bit of both, sit down videos, sharing knowledge, hauls, interior and vlogs as well as make-up videos.

The current youtubers that I watch most are:

Victoria, IntheFrow

Anna, The Anna Edit 

Lydia, Lydia Elise Millen

Tati, Tati 

Lily, Lily Pebbles

Suzie, HelloOctoberxo

Alix, I Covet Thee

Rachel Aust, Rachel Aust

Allana Davison, Allana Davison (new addition)

Huda Beauty, Huda Beauty

Allana Davison and Huda Beauty are the new ones that I am currently watching.

If you know any others that are great and need to support then please leave a comment below with their youtube account name. Thank you!



Declutter Tips: Wardrobe

This is a quick declutter tips for your wardrobe. I am sharing the way I declutter my own wardrobe and I do this quite often, every season I start looking through my clothes.

First. I always have sections in my wardrobe for the clothes.

Second. Separate clothes into the following piles

  1. Work clothes – Monday to Friday
  2. Outside Home clothes – general clothes that you wear when going getting out house
  3. Party clothes
  4. Gym clothes
  5. Home clothes
  6. Jackets
  7. Underwear

Third. Then put the sections into order when hanging or putting your clothes away. As I got rail for my most clothes, so I start hanging from left to right. So my work clothes will be on the left first, then clothes that I wear outside home for example, when I am going to visit someone house or going to doctors etc. Then, I will have some of my home clothes such as blazers, dresses, skirts, then my party clothes, dresses that I wear to events, weddings etc. and finally all of my jackets.

The rest of my home/lounge clothes will be in the drawers as well as my gym clothes. I divide my drawers into sections, for my lounge wear, gym wear, socks and underwear. Sorting out my clothes this way, I know which ones I wear most often as we all tend to reach for the ones that we wear all the time.

The way I find out which clothes I wear most often is that when I wash my clothes and re-hang them, I start hanging them behind jackets in the order as above. At the end of each season which is three months, I go through the left section on the items that I have not reached for. I straight away take them off the hangers, put them in the bag/s and give them to charity. If I have not worn them in the past season then I will not wear them next season or the following year season.

You have to do this with all your clothes, including underwear and socks. This will help you to get rid off the items that you do not use and taking up the space in your closet/wardrobe.

Remember: ‘When you buy one item, give one item to charity’

I always get rid off or give to charity one item when I buy a new item. So if you bought a new one clothing item then get rid off one item from your closet, whether it will be a dress, hat or pair of socks.


Declutter Tips: Wardrobe



I am not a beginner for definite, I have been working out on and off for past two years. However, I have never been one of those who are so into exercising as have put some weight on.

As one of of my goals for 2018 to be much more healthier and looking after my body, I have started working out at home for 20 to 30 minutes depending on my mood of course, two to three times a week. If I am in incredible mood then the exercise will last from 1 to 2 hours. Mad! I know!

  • All exercises that I do are in 3×10. Every 2 to 3 weeks I go up with numbers e.g. 3×15 or 4×10. If I use weights then will increase the wight by 0.5 to 1kg
  •  I switch the exercises that I do every 3 to 4 days, so my body does not get used to same routines especially at the beginning as I want to work out my full body.

So my current home workouts are:

  • Warm up
    • by running up and down on stairs for 5 minutes or either dance for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Day 1:
    • squats, single-leg deadlifts, glute bridges, lunges, donkey kicks
  • Day 2:
    • side lunges, chair dips, v-ups, plank, leg raises
  • Day 3:
    • oblique bends, cross crunches, scissors, leg extensions
  • Cool down
    • by do some yoga and stretches for 10 minutes

Currently, I am doing these exercises so far so good, aching badly especially on my legs. Next week on wards I will be concentrating on certain areas for example, Monday will be legs and arms day, Wednesday will be stomach and bum, Friday will be back and yoga.

The only advice I will have is that you consult with your doctor, make sure you are not hurting yourself. Do not skip days and be consistent, at the start the body will ache but it then goes away when you exercise consistently.

That is it for now, I  will update my exercise routine soon.




We always tend to help everyone else except ourselves.

Then we always think why is our lives are not the same.

Or how come everyone else is so happy but us.

How is it all other people goals and dreams are coming true.

How come every single other person’s life is so perfect except ours.

Well, we never thought about putting ourselves first as we helped others first than us.

I think it is time to put ourselves first this year even if we have to start by taking baby steps.

We got to get there somehow otherwise we will end up having regrets and keep saying ‘what if I have done this…’ or ‘what if I have done that…’.

You probably thinking why am I saying help yourself first…

It is because I have been there myself. I have helped everyone else but myself.

I am not saying stop helping others or it is bad to help others….not at all! But we need to remind ourselves that sometimes we need help as well.

It is good to help others, help ourselves and ask for help as well.

Never feel that you are always alone or you have to do it yourself.

Helping yourself does not mean you cannot ask other people to help you out.

At times getting help from others to help you is a lot easier than have to go through it yourself.

Trust me, been there and done that as well!

It is good to speak up, share your thoughts and feelings. Never feel the world is against you because it is not.

So start putting yourself first at times and you can help others much more better way as you will be in much more better place.




I have seen the ‘Little Black Book’ floating around on the internet and Anna from ‘The Anna Edit’ blogger/youtuber has talked about briefly on her one of the videos where she shares her books on her bookshelf.

The ‘Little Black Book’ is a small toolkit for working women which is written by Otegha Uwagba who is also the founder of Women Who website.

The book itself is quite small, you can put it in any size of handbag (except clutch bag) and read it wherever you are. Neither it is too thick which you will be able to read it within one day including making notes or highlighting the information that you think is useful.

This book is great for person who is starting from the beginning, already in career or even who is in high level of profession. At times we need to step back and have a look at where we are, where and how we could take the next steps. This books exactly does this, it helps you to open up to an ideas and step back and have a look at where you are now and how you could progress it to next level.



Chapter one and two is perfect for those who want to start something like a blog, youtube, own brand/business or even if you are starting a job in a company. It helps you with the basics such as how to manage your time etc. For bloggers and youtubers out there, this is perfect for the first year, helps you with how you able to keep up with your content for your blog or youtube.

Chapter three and four is where you will get an advice and information on how to start something that you always wanted to and overcome the barriers of being in public. The tips are very helpful even if you are well into your own business. For bloggers and youtubers, these chapters help you to take your blog or youtube account to the next step of year two to three.

Chapter five and six is where you will be able to use information not only for your brand or business but for your personal life as it helps you with all the financial part of your life. It also helps for bloggers and youtubers as it provides information on how you can start and manage the financial aspects. As we all know bloggers and youtubers use monetise and get paid for the projects no matter how small or big they are, in these chapters you will be able to find information how you should start and where you could take it.

Chapter seven and eight, helps you with making new challenges and how you could get new ideas for your brand, business, blog or youtube. As well as how you able to use your brand, business or platform to make connections. Not all of use know how to do it, even though we think we know about it and think we can use social media. However, this is not the only tool and these chapters help you with it.

Chapter nine gives a lot of good advice where we all need to think about ourselves.

Chapter ten is where you get a lot of inspiration for all kinds of businesses.


Overall, this book is amazing! I would suggest to buy it and I am so happy that I have bought it. It helped me a lot, as I have quit my job and started this blog as my diary but this book helped me to plan everything for next two months. As well as how and where I should look for ideas with what I want to do.

It is worth every penny it costs as it helps you start brainstorming with ideas. My little black book is full of highlights, as I have highlighted the parts that are useful to me and made more fun as used different colours for every two chapters. This way I can always go back in future to the book and look at the references (the parts that I have highlighted).

So do not miss a chance by not reading this book, make sure you read the book!





Every single person’s body is different and it all starts with how you feel about yourself. First of all, always need to consult your doctor and see what he or she suggest you as they will be able to help out best way to start detoxing and how you should go about.

My body is very complicated. I have very difficult relationship with my body and with food. I am a binge eater, there is no shame about it. I rather say it as it is than hiding it. I struggle with food a lot, especially with carbs. It seems I cannot get over with carbs and if I do not intake some kind of carb my body just goes mad, my head starts hurting and my mood changes. Therefore, I did not remove all the food that I used to take before.

I did not go over the board, buying certain detoxing teas or foods etc. All I did was, in the morning have a glass of water with lemon, eat small portions throughout the day. I had four to five meals each day, with the meals I had a glass of water which helped me to get full as the portion of a meal was quit smaller than I used to take before.

In between meals I had mixed fruits and nuts as well as glass of milk. I did allow myself to have carbs such as bread, two toasts in the morning after drinking water with lemon. As well as I allowed to have a small snack, two to three biscuit a day only.

I did not cut all the food out of my system as I know my body and how it would react to it. I understand at times it is good to cut everything off but when you go back to food eventually at times you eat more than used to. That is why I controlled my portions, made them to smaller portions and had more meals a day than used to.

This helped me to detox my body and to start controlling my portions. Which to be honest not that hard as I thought it would be. I have made two kind of meals one day, chicken and lamb, put them in five containers and for two days may meals were done. This was so good as I only needed to warm up my food and had most of the day to myself.

I am going to control my portions but I am planning to have more meals a day six to seven including all the snacks such as fruit and nuts.




My Plans for 2018

  1. Find some kind of a job
  2. Start saving
  3. Brain storm about starting my own business
  4. Read more books
  5. Visit more places/cities in the UK
  6. Go to salons for mani’s and pedi’s
  7. Spend less time being lazy and start learning new things
  8. Draw more, at least once a week
  9. Start wearing heels again
  10. Spend more time with my family and friends

Yep, these are my plans for 2018 apart from my goals post. You will be thinking, what the hell up with some of the plans?  Well, there are many things that I have completely left behind and have not done for past 7 years now.

As I have quit my job, just want to look for a job but mostly want only part-time or just over part-time job where I will be able to save some money. I really want to start my own business but not sure what kind of business, so whilst I am going to brainstorm and come up with ideas I need to save some money.

It has been a while since I sat down and read a good thick book. I am not sure whether will be able to do it again but definitely going to start with smaller and thinner book and go upwards to thicker. I miss how you can literally get into the book world, close the surround noise and just in a bubble of the story.

I have lived and been in couple of cities in the UK such as Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh but want to see more of UK, the sea sides and villages as well as the mountains. Even if I could visit one or two cities this year, I will be more than happy.

Once in my life I have went to salon to do my nails, can you believe that? Of course, I have been to salon for my hair twice in my life. I see so many girls go to salon to do their nails on their hands and feet. I want to start looking after myself more, my hands, toes, hair and general body. I really want to get a professional massage, where I can literally chill and enjoy a day to myself. I am definitely dreaming now!

I am that kind of person when I want to learn so much but when others mention why do you need to do that for, stop wasting money then I literally give up. This year, I want to do what I want and learn new things, experiences and learn more about myself. My first kick start will be, cooking and photography. I really want to learn to make new dishes and learn about photography, the different effects and take it may be more into professional photography in future.

My passion since I was young was drawing. I always loved drawing, used to draw anything I saw in front of me especially with just pencil. Loved the effect that pencil give with shades, how you could make soft to harsh shades. Yet, this is another hobby that I have given up and not been used for past seven years. I am hoping to change that as well.

Once upon a time, seven years ago, there was a girl who used to wear heels, thin to thick on a daily basis. Not only just wore them but used to run around, carry shopping, heavy food shopping and run to bus stops. Unfortunately, that girl disappeared and a new girl with only wearing flats appeared where she completely forgot how to walk in heels. This about to change people!!! Never stop wearing heels!

I have neglected myself and my family. Do not have many friends which I am hoping to change this year. I want to meet new people, make new friends and go out with them. See places and enjoy little things, same want with my family. Due to living so far away, I do not get to see my family as much as I would love to but every single family has got their own issues and problems whether it be a distance between them or something happened back ten, twenty or thirty years ago. But, I really want to change everything. Be more close to family and friends.

That is all, I want for this year. Not much hey? But girl got to dream and make it big. Even if I achieve half of these plans, I still be a happy girl. We got to live once so why not try our best?