January already gone, we are already couple of days into February.

Did we stick to all our New Year resolution or goals, or whatever you want to call it.

I am taking this month to go over my New Year goals, see which ones I have started, which ones that I really want to achieve and review over the ones that I have not started yet. To make sure that I will be able to achieve those goals but if not then I will postpone them for another month/6 months or to next year.

I do not see a point wasting my time and energy to the goals that I will not be able to achieve.

Also it allows you to check the reality, can you really achieve the amount of goals that you have set up for yourself, may be there are too many for you mind? It is great to re-read and put them in categories Started, Progress, Not Started-Postpone.

This is exactly what I will be doing, I did set up quite few goals but I know always will struggle with health goal – losing weight and eating healthy…this is going to be a long battle for me, trust me!

Therefore, one advice I will give is not to pressure yourself too much, use this month, February, to re-calculate and edit your resolutions/goals for this year. At the start of the year, we can be so excited, we write everything down that we want to achieve without thinking how long it will take and what may stop you doing it e.g. time, people, place etc.

Re-look at your goals and concentrate on three to five goals this year, postpone the rest for later.

Taking a small steps and making small changes will achieve much greater than trying to take a big step and trying to achieve a big change. As we all know, habits are habits so it is much better taking small steps and making small changes.

Have a happy February!




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