My relationship with make-up is quite simple. I tend to not use much of make-up and only use it when I have to only.

I use make-up mostly when I am going out, to weddings or events. At times just on the days that I feel like.

Since I remember, as I child used to play with my mum’s make-up which she had a lot of L’oreal and No 7, quite few others which I do not remember the names.

I am still big fan of L’oreal and No.7, I use their make-up products as well as skin care.

I think it is good to keep a healthy relationship with the make-up because I do, as I keep my skin in very good condition. My skin is very important to me as it is very delicate part of the body.

I never use any make-up when my skin is in bad condition. For example, if I get spots or my skin is bad then I do not wear any kind of make-up at all. I let my skin to breathe and recover on its own.

Well, there it is…my relationship with makeup. I do have few bits of make-up but I keep it to a minimal as much as I can.



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