There are many talented and funny youtubers out there. At times, the youtubers that you have started from beginning tend to disappear or lose their content completely, meaningfully they create videos as they used to.

I like to watch a bit of both, sit down videos, sharing knowledge, hauls, interior and vlogs as well as make-up videos.

The current youtubers that I watch most are:

Victoria, IntheFrow

Anna, The Anna Edit 

Lydia, Lydia Elise Millen

Tati, Tati 

Lily, Lily Pebbles

Suzie, HelloOctoberxo

Alix, I Covet Thee

Rachel Aust, Rachel Aust

Allana Davison, Allana Davison (new addition)

Huda Beauty, Huda Beauty

Allana Davison and Huda Beauty are the new ones that I am currently watching.

If you know any others that are great and need to support then please leave a comment below with their youtube account name. Thank you!



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