Declutter Tips: Wardrobe

This is a quick declutter tips for your wardrobe. I am sharing the way I declutter my own wardrobe and I do this quite often, every season I start looking through my clothes.

First. I always have sections in my wardrobe for the clothes.

Second. Separate clothes into the following piles

  1. Work clothes – Monday to Friday
  2. Outside Home clothes – general clothes that you wear when going getting out house
  3. Party clothes
  4. Gym clothes
  5. Home clothes
  6. Jackets
  7. Underwear

Third. Then put the sections into order when hanging or putting your clothes away. As I got rail for my most clothes, so I start hanging from left to right. So my work clothes will be on the left first, then clothes that I wear outside home for example, when I am going to visit someone house or going to doctors etc. Then, I will have some of my home clothes such as blazers, dresses, skirts, then my party clothes, dresses that I wear to events, weddings etc. and finally all of my jackets.

The rest of my home/lounge clothes will be in the drawers as well as my gym clothes. I divide my drawers into sections, for my lounge wear, gym wear, socks and underwear. Sorting out my clothes this way, I know which ones I wear most often as we all tend to reach for the ones that we wear all the time.

The way I find out which clothes I wear most often is that when I wash my clothes and re-hang them, I start hanging them behind jackets in the order as above. At the end of each season which is three months, I go through the left section on the items that I have not reached for. I straight away take them off the hangers, put them in the bag/s and give them to charity. If I have not worn them in the past season then I will not wear them next season or the following year season.

You have to do this with all your clothes, including underwear and socks. This will help you to get rid off the items that you do not use and taking up the space in your closet/wardrobe.

Remember: ‘When you buy one item, give one item to charity’

I always get rid off or give to charity one item when I buy a new item. So if you bought a new one clothing item then get rid off one item from your closet, whether it will be a dress, hat or pair of socks.


Declutter Tips: Wardrobe

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