We always tend to help everyone else except ourselves.

Then we always think why is our lives are not the same.

Or how come everyone else is so happy but us.

How is it all other people goals and dreams are coming true.

How come every single other person’s life is so perfect except ours.

Well, we never thought about putting ourselves first as we helped others first than us.

I think it is time to put ourselves first this year even if we have to start by taking baby steps.

We got to get there somehow otherwise we will end up having regrets and keep saying ‘what if I have done this…’ or ‘what if I have done that…’.

You probably thinking why am I saying help yourself first…

It is because I have been there myself. I have helped everyone else but myself.

I am not saying stop helping others or it is bad to help others….not at all! But we need to remind ourselves that sometimes we need help as well.

It is good to help others, help ourselves and ask for help as well.

Never feel that you are always alone or you have to do it yourself.

Helping yourself does not mean you cannot ask other people to help you out.

At times getting help from others to help you is a lot easier than have to go through it yourself.

Trust me, been there and done that as well!

It is good to speak up, share your thoughts and feelings. Never feel the world is against you because it is not.

So start putting yourself first at times and you can help others much more better way as you will be in much more better place.



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