I have seen the ‘Little Black Book’ floating around on the internet and Anna from ‘The Anna Edit’ blogger/youtuber has talked about briefly on her one of the videos where she shares her books on her bookshelf.

The ‘Little Black Book’ is a small toolkit for working women which is written by Otegha Uwagba who is also the founder of Women Who website.

The book itself is quite small, you can put it in any size of handbag (except clutch bag) and read it wherever you are. Neither it is too thick which you will be able to read it within one day including making notes or highlighting the information that you think is useful.

This book is great for person who is starting from the beginning, already in career or even who is in high level of profession. At times we need to step back and have a look at where we are, where and how we could take the next steps. This books exactly does this, it helps you to open up to an ideas and step back and have a look at where you are now and how you could progress it to next level.



Chapter one and two is perfect for those who want to start something like a blog, youtube, own brand/business or even if you are starting a job in a company. It helps you with the basics such as how to manage your time etc. For bloggers and youtubers out there, this is perfect for the first year, helps you with how you able to keep up with your content for your blog or youtube.

Chapter three and four is where you will get an advice and information on how to start something that you always wanted to and overcome the barriers of being in public. The tips are very helpful even if you are well into your own business. For bloggers and youtubers, these chapters help you to take your blog or youtube account to the next step of year two to three.

Chapter five and six is where you will be able to use information not only for your brand or business but for your personal life as it helps you with all the financial part of your life. It also helps for bloggers and youtubers as it provides information on how you can start and manage the financial aspects. As we all know bloggers and youtubers use monetise and get paid for the projects no matter how small or big they are, in these chapters you will be able to find information how you should start and where you could take it.

Chapter seven and eight, helps you with making new challenges and how you could get new ideas for your brand, business, blog or youtube. As well as how you able to use your brand, business or platform to make connections. Not all of use know how to do it, even though we think we know about it and think we can use social media. However, this is not the only tool and these chapters help you with it.

Chapter nine gives a lot of good advice where we all need to think about ourselves.

Chapter ten is where you get a lot of inspiration for all kinds of businesses.


Overall, this book is amazing! I would suggest to buy it and I am so happy that I have bought it. It helped me a lot, as I have quit my job and started this blog as my diary but this book helped me to plan everything for next two months. As well as how and where I should look for ideas with what I want to do.

It is worth every penny it costs as it helps you start brainstorming with ideas. My little black book is full of highlights, as I have highlighted the parts that are useful to me and made more fun as used different colours for every two chapters. This way I can always go back in future to the book and look at the references (the parts that I have highlighted).

So do not miss a chance by not reading this book, make sure you read the book!




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