Every single person’s body is different and it all starts with how you feel about yourself. First of all, always need to consult your doctor and see what he or she suggest you as they will be able to help out best way to start detoxing and how you should go about.

My body is very complicated. I have very difficult relationship with my body and with food. I am a binge eater, there is no shame about it. I rather say it as it is than hiding it. I struggle with food a lot, especially with carbs. It seems I cannot get over with carbs and if I do not intake some kind of carb my body just goes mad, my head starts hurting and my mood changes. Therefore, I did not remove all the food that I used to take before.

I did not go over the board, buying certain detoxing teas or foods etc. All I did was, in the morning have a glass of water with lemon, eat small portions throughout the day. I had four to five meals each day, with the meals I had a glass of water which helped me to get full as the portion of a meal was quit smaller than I used to take before.

In between meals I had mixed fruits and nuts as well as glass of milk. I did allow myself to have carbs such as bread, two toasts in the morning after drinking water with lemon. As well as I allowed to have a small snack, two to three biscuit a day only.

I did not cut all the food out of my system as I know my body and how it would react to it. I understand at times it is good to cut everything off but when you go back to food eventually at times you eat more than used to. That is why I controlled my portions, made them to smaller portions and had more meals a day than used to.

This helped me to detox my body and to start controlling my portions. Which to be honest not that hard as I thought it would be. I have made two kind of meals one day, chicken and lamb, put them in five containers and for two days may meals were done. This was so good as I only needed to warm up my food and had most of the day to myself.

I am going to control my portions but I am planning to have more meals a day six to seven including all the snacks such as fruit and nuts.



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