My Plans for 2018

  1. Find some kind of a job
  2. Start saving
  3. Brain storm about starting my own business
  4. Read more books
  5. Visit more places/cities in the UK
  6. Go to salons for mani’s and pedi’s
  7. Spend less time being lazy and start learning new things
  8. Draw more, at least once a week
  9. Start wearing heels again
  10. Spend more time with my family and friends

Yep, these are my plans for 2018 apart from my goals post. You will be thinking, what the hell up with some of the plans?  Well, there are many things that I have completely left behind and have not done for past 7 years now.

As I have quit my job, just want to look for a job but mostly want only part-time or just over part-time job where I will be able to save some money. I really want to start my own business but not sure what kind of business, so whilst I am going to brainstorm and come up with ideas I need to save some money.

It has been a while since I sat down and read a good thick book. I am not sure whether will be able to do it again but definitely going to start with smaller and thinner book and go upwards to thicker. I miss how you can literally get into the book world, close the surround noise and just in a bubble of the story.

I have lived and been in couple of cities in the UK such as Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh but want to see more of UK, the sea sides and villages as well as the mountains. Even if I could visit one or two cities this year, I will be more than happy.

Once in my life I have went to salon to do my nails, can you believe that? Of course, I have been to salon for my hair twice in my life. I see so many girls go to salon to do their nails on their hands and feet. I want to start looking after myself more, my hands, toes, hair and general body. I really want to get a professional massage, where I can literally chill and enjoy a day to myself. I am definitely dreaming now!

I am that kind of person when I want to learn so much but when others mention why do you need to do that for, stop wasting money then I literally give up. This year, I want to do what I want and learn new things, experiences and learn more about myself. My first kick start will be, cooking and photography. I really want to learn to make new dishes and learn about photography, the different effects and take it may be more into professional photography in future.

My passion since I was young was drawing. I always loved drawing, used to draw anything I saw in front of me especially with just pencil. Loved the effect that pencil give with shades, how you could make soft to harsh shades. Yet, this is another hobby that I have given up and not been used for past seven years. I am hoping to change that as well.

Once upon a time, seven years ago, there was a girl who used to wear heels, thin to thick on a daily basis. Not only just wore them but used to run around, carry shopping, heavy food shopping and run to bus stops. Unfortunately, that girl disappeared and a new girl with only wearing flats appeared where she completely forgot how to walk in heels. This about to change people!!! Never stop wearing heels!

I have neglected myself and my family. Do not have many friends which I am hoping to change this year. I want to meet new people, make new friends and go out with them. See places and enjoy little things, same want with my family. Due to living so far away, I do not get to see my family as much as I would love to but every single family has got their own issues and problems whether it be a distance between them or something happened back ten, twenty or thirty years ago. But, I really want to change everything. Be more close to family and friends.

That is all, I want for this year. Not much hey? But girl got to dream and make it big. Even if I achieve half of these plans, I still be a happy girl. We got to live once so why not try our best?



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