Yes, you have read it right. I quit my job! It took me a year to build up the courage of resigning but at the end I did it and do not regret it.

There are two feelings that I am currently feeling, a feeling of a relief, I can finally let myself go and concentrate on what I want to do. Then there is a feeling of a fear, fear of not finding a job or having a big gap between jobs.

Anyway, I am happy as I felt it was time for me to move on. Below are the main three reasons why I quit my job.

Firstly, no progression. There was no progression for me in the company. Personally, do not want to work at the same job for the rest of my life for the same position and same wage. Especially, when you know you are capable of doing much more.

Secondly, when one of third of wage is spent on travelling costs. Financially it was not worth it at all and it was not as practical as I spent four hours of a day just travelling to work and back. It was literally pointless!

Thirdly, a stress. The stress built up so much that I hated going to work. I am talking about a person who loved going to work and did not mind working till late even when spending so much time travelling to and from work, always went extra mile. Seeing how much you do and how much others do, then you see the reality and all the stress builds up on top of your shoulders which started to affect my health badly.

Of course there are much more to it but these were the main big reasons. Currently I do not have a job full or part time. I took a big gamble.

The only advice I would give anyone who is planning to quit their job is to have a back up plan or without any some king of support, find different job before quitting or start saving money if you already have not got savings before quitting job. As we all know, we got to live, pay our bills, expenses such as phone bills, food, travelling etc.



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