I thought should I write a long post which I have drafted but then again thought do I really want to ramble on for so long for the New Year Goals? Well I have decided to make it not too long but not too short either but somewhere in between.

Currently I am listening to calming song whilst I am writing a new post rather than re-typing the draft one. At times when you are in fresh mind it is better just to sit on the laptop and type away on the keyboard.

My main goal for this year is to sort out my health. I neglected my health so badly that my hair started to fall out more than usual, my nails are falling apart literally, my eyesight got worse, the list just goes on endlessly…

To achieve my goals I have broken it down to three sections, which are:

Drink Water

I literally do not drink the amount of water a normal human supposed to drink. I drink maximum 1-3 glasses a day at times I even forget to drink water. As I am the worst person to be drinking water, I have bought a small bottle of 33CL to put next to my bedside table so I can myself to drink water before going to bed and when I wake up (after brushing the teeth of course). Also got a bottle of 750ML with timings on rather than measuremnets from weightwatchers, to help me to drink without thinking have to drink a lot.

Balanced Diet

Do not we all suffer from this? My main problem is that I binge eat and not only this but eat a lot of carb food, such as bread and potatoes. My current diet contains same food every day, potatoes, rice, bread, butter, a lot of oil, eggs and a lot of sugar by drinking fizzy drinks up to 3 to 4 bottles of coke a day.  So I want to start balance diet but want to introduce it slowly rather cutting everything off. The only thing I am going to do is first is to detox my body especially from sugar as I suffer badly with this. Changing the diet will not be easy but I have a will now that really want to do it more for myself.

Working Out at Home and/or Finding a Gym

I will be honest with you, I hate exercised or any type of workout. I do not mind doing something that is fun to do but when have to put full concentration on cardio etc. I am useless at it. Believe me when I say I am not big fan of gyms, not all gyms have a feel that you can exercise. Therefore, I am starting to workout at home first and try and test out gyms whilst working out at home. I want to feel comfortable going to the gym at anytime and not the times where no one is in the gym. I want to feel comfortable using all the equipment and do not want people to stare as if I am a loser. Due to this I do not want to sign up for the 3, 6 or 12 month contract with any gym at the moment until I find a perfect gym where I can see myself fit easily and comfortably.

Better start looking after your health yourself as no one else going to do that for you! (by LRL)  

Health is my goal this year. I want to start looking after myself and put myself first before anybody else. I think my body deserves at least this if nothing else.

What are your goals for this year?



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