END OF 2017

It is end of 2017, as always I have failed myself! Planned to do so much but ended up with doing nothing.

I have failed my blog big time, my health, fitness and overall myself.

I have been pleasing everyone else but myself! I have given all my attention and energy to everybody else than to myself.

The only part I have not failed is that kept having my driving lessons. This would not happened if I did not had an excellent driving instructor, who motivates me to continue and not to quit. He is so dedicated, caring, funny and generally a great person! Thanks man!

The start of 2017 was not bad at all, I have moved back to my hometown, continued working in the same company even though it meant I have to travel. I made goals for myself where I have managed to fail on some and managed to achieve some, 50/50 basically. One of the goals was losing weight which managed to do but then put it back twice amount, health went downhill so did my motivation, energy and confidence.

I have tried to pull myself together on many occasions but it just did not happened. As I gave all my energy and time to work, travelling to and from work, as well as pleasing other people. At the end of it, I just was too tired to concentrate on myself and ended up giving up.

However, in this month December I pushed myself to start at least on something so took baby steps. I decluttered my wardrobe, make-up, stationary, documents/letters and anything else I owned.

The biggest thing I have done this year is I quit my job. Oh yes, I did it. It was not easy at all but had to do it for myself. I really, really needed a change in my life so this was perfect time to end 2017 and start fresh 2018. It did took me a long time, exactly a year to build up a courage to do it but at the end it felt really good.

I am planning to work, therefore started applying for other jobs but locally and part time only. Working full time felt as I did not had a life, no time to myself what so ever and working part time means I can concentrate on myself, and have a personal life.

I ended 2017 by checking out local different gyms before signing a contract. I want to work out at a gym where I feel most confident and able to work out easily. I would suggest doing this before fully committing to one gym with 3, 6 or 12 months.

That is all for now. Tomorrow is 1st January 2018 therefore a blog post will be going live where I will be sharing my vision for 2018 for myself.


END OF 2017

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